Project Partners

Institute for Project Support and Competencie

Pro-Kompetenz supports training and education by providing input from many years of practical activity and applied research. Pro-Kompetenz have shown our competence to bring in innovative concepts for further education and cooperation at regional, national and international level. The institute is involved in networks of education providers, social institutions and has close links to companies and other structures and networks particularly in the field of human resources development, innovation, development of social competences, communication and knowledge management.

Particular expertise is available in the fields of learning material development, didactics for (e-) learning settings and project accompanying evaluation.

Pro-Kompetenz coordinated or contributed to the successfully implementation to projects under Leonardo da Vinci, Sokrates, Grundtvig as well as in regional and national projects promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

pro-competence has particular competences in the following fields

  • Didactics - develompement of concepts for learner centred and cooperative learning. Requirements for motivating learning settings in professional training and adult education
  • Communication - foreing language learning and intercultural education
  • Consultation on the implementation of innovative educational concepts and learning programmes, with focus on didactics and methods of new ways of learning like e-learning programmes and evaluation of e-learning products
  • Quality assurance and formative evaluluation in projects
  • Initiating and promoting competencies for the local and regional development also considering resources from migration
  • Development of strategies to fight social exclusion and to improve integration by promotion of networking and alternative concepts for using and promoting potentials.

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Brainplus - Projecktmanagement Schabereiter

BrainPlus was established in 1996 as a small consulting company. The main subjects of BrainPlus’ working areas include innovation management, technology transfer, business parks, regional and economical development and SME support.

BrainPlus has currently three fields of competences:

  • It supports their clients in the finding-of-ideas phase within the innovation process. They do this by using different techniques of creativity according to the situation, the company or its products. Namely it offers “production” of ideas by using different techniques of creativity, management of ideas, project management for the implementation of ideas, management of creativity and consultancy on the fields of creating an innovative climate in companies.
  • BrainPlus offers consultancy and assistance on the field of regional, national and international funding schemes as a service especially but not only for commercial enterprises.
  • It supports organizations in the development of clusters and also in the starting phase of the cluster management.

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Aegean Exporters’ Associations - Coordinator

Aegean Exporters’ Associations (AEA) is the first exporters’ association in Turkey, which was established in 1938. With more than 70 years of experience in foreign trade, Aegean Exporters’ Associations is representing over 7000 exporter companies in 12 different sectors in Aegean Region of Turkey.

Aegean Exporters’ Associations provides resources to her members to increase competitiveness and export volume in the region. Wide range of services including information dissemination, trainings, match-making activities, legislative consultation, export subsidies, lobbying and common investments are realized by the Aegean Exporters’ Associations. AEA is also working on trainings for increasing labour force capabilities. Innovation Management is one of the most important issue to support her members.

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Yasar University

Yasar University is a foundation university, located on the West coast of Turkey, in Izmir. It is a young university formally established in 2001 by one of the Turkey’s leading industry group Yasar Holding. With its global approach to research and education by international partnerships, projects, strong links with business sector and global universities.

Yasar University has 5545 students and 346 staff members in an ideal environment for research, personal development and learning. YU offers 60 degree programmes at undergraduate and graduate level. In line with its purpose of being a productive international research hub, Yasar University joins local and international research-development projects and supports academic research activities of its staff and students by its 7 faculties with 27 programmes, 2 graduate schools with 25 programmes and 1 vocational school with 10 different programmes.

Her medium of instruction for most of the programmes is English and she is active in EU mobility (Erasmus Youth etc.) with 206 active agreements from 23 different EU countries for Erasmus. Also, YU prepares and implements several EU funded projects with respected international institutions. Since 2005, 35 EU Projects which are grant/funding programmes of Erasmus, Leonardo Da Vinci, Grundtvig, YOUTH, Jean Monnet, Marie Currie, Transversal Programme, 7th Framework was involved by YU.

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Saglik Bahcesi

Saglik Bahcesi is an information, education and communication company which was established in 2002 with 3 partners. It has been managed by 3 partners and 3 executives with physicians, consultants, creative director and art directors, IT specialists and production staff. The company is creating, modelling, transferring relevant information and training methodology in different levels and aspects for different target groups. She has expert teams in different fields of business life. She has a full service for developing and creating training models and methodologies. The company specifically focuses on creation of high end communication and education materials relevant to the needs of different learner types, offer an array of multifaceted services, such as print, press, multimedia and interactive media.

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Izmir Development Agency

Izmir Development Agency (IDA) was established in accordance with the Law No: 5449 dated 25.01.2006. The advisory body of the Agency, the Development Council gives advisory decisions on the assessment of problems and opportunities in the region. The Council consists of a total of 100 individuals selected from the public sector (public authorities, local governments, universities etc.), private sector and non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations, chambers etc.).

Objectives of IDA can be listed as follows: improvement of cooperation between public, private and civil sectors; fostering regional development and ensuring its sustainability and decreasing regional disparities. Main activities of IDA are preparing regional development plan of Izmir; providing financial and technical support to projects and activities; monitoring and evaluating supported projects; promoting İzmir’ s business and investment opportunities; supporting the identification of regional strategies. IDA has been working in the area of clustering for almost three years and has been developing and managing clustering policies and strategies of Izmir. IDA is currently responsible for analyzing R&D and capacity of innovation in Izmir.

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