Project Outputs

The Gap Analysis Report

The Gap Analysis Report is the basis of the training program for innovation management. To prepare this report, needs assessment survey will be prepared and filled in by SMEs. The report will include needs and expectations of the SMEs which is the target group of the INNOCASE.

Case Studies

Real life cases will be developed to provide practical dimension of the training program. In total, 15 case studies will be developed in 3 countries to use in the content of the training program.

Training Methodology

There are many techniques and method for implementation of training program. In this activity, after examining the theoretical background of the training program for innovation management, the “Training Methodology” which will be used by trainers, will be prepared. In this methodology, audio-visual items and other relevant materials as training tools will be determined and prepared for the innovation management training program. Each detail step by step will be explained for each subject of the training program effectively for trainers.

The Training Program for Innovation Management

The content of the training programme will be prepared based on the results of the Gap Analysis Report and content of the Innosupport. The training program will be completed after development of content with case studies and training methodology.