Needs Assessment

Needs assessment will identify and examine the needs of the SMEs in depth and prepare a basis for development of the training program. For the needs assessment, “Innovation Management Competency Survey” will be firstly prepared and then disseminated to SMEs to learn their needs and expectations. As a result of the needs assessment, a “Gap Analysis Report” will be prepared. This report will be input for the development of training programme on innovation management.

Development of Training Program for Innovation Management

  • Development of Training Program Content

    According to “Gap Analysis Report”, outline of the training program will be determined. Framework of Innosupport will be basis of the content of the training program. Results of the Gap Analysis Report and content of the Innosupport will be used by developing comprehensive and well-defined training programme on innovation management. Content of the training programme will be developed with jointly efforts of project partners.

  • Development of Real Life Cases on Innovation Management

    The training program will comprise real life cases which will be developed by using international case method. This activity will strengthen INNOCASE project as practically and innovatively. In this activity, cases will be developed in 3 countries (Turkey, Germany and Austria) with real events in companies/stakeholders according to a methodology which includes necessary information (SME, Non-SME, Sectoral Diversification, negative & positive).

  • Integration and Testing of Training Program

    The content of the training program and expectations of SMEs will be examined to determine best fit methodology. In this methodology, a practical guide with audio-visual items and other relevant materials as training tools will be prepared for the training program. Each detail step by step will be explained for each subject of the training program effectively for trainers.

    At the same time, pedagogical testing will be implemented by organizing pilot trainings in 3 countries which are Turkey, Germany and Austria. As contents of the pilot trainings, the innovation management training program and developed cases will be tested. In the pilot trainings, class training kits, auto-visual tools and trainees’ notes will be used according to training methodology.