• INNOCASE clarifies innovation management step by step.

  • INNOCASE makes innovation management simpler.

  • INNOCASE provides comprehensive training program for innovation management.

  • INNOCASE is one stop shop for SMEs on innovation management.

  • INNOCASE presents training program to SMEs based on real business life cases.

Innovation Management Competency Survey

Innocase project which is supported by European Commission, under the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (LdV) is coordinated by Aegean Exporters' Associations and carried out in partnership with various research institutions from Austria, Germany and Turkey specialized in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. The innovation management competency survey is prepared within the context of this project and is aimed to identify innovation-related current needs and deficiencies of the target group and transform this information to competitive advantage.
Within the scope of privacy policy, your answers to the survey will be part of general statements and statistical inferences and will be evaluated by keeping your company and participant names confidential.

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Needs Assessment

Needs assessment will identify and examine the needs of the SMEs in depth and prepare a basis for development of the training program. For the needs assessment, “Innovation Management Competency Survey” will be firstly prepared and then disseminated to SMEs to learn their needs and expectations. As a result of the needs assessment, a “Gap Analysis Report” will be prepared. This report will be input for the development of training programme.

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The Gap Analysis Report

The Gap Analysis Report is the basis of the training program for innovation management. To prepare this report, needs assessment survey will be prepared and filled in by SMEs. The report will include needs and expectations of the SMEs which is the target group of the INNOCASE.

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INNOCASE is the abbreviation for “Developing Case Based Vocational Training for Innovation Management Project”. It is a project that develops training program for innovation management and financed by European Commission, under the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (LdV).

Its aim is to develop “Training Program for Innovation Management” to improve skills and capacities of the labour market based on the demands and needs of business environment. The content of the training program which is adapted and developed comprehensive training materials according to the needs of Turkish SMEs, is based on the previous LdV project “Innosupport”.

Why Innovation Management?


Companies find it difficult to compete in the domestic and international markets because of their limited resources and traditional business methods.


Innovation provides the opportunity to be competitive in international arena. It constitutes a valuable input to the business strategy for being more competitive.


Planning new products, services, brand extensions, or technology inventions are not enought to stay alive for SMEs. Innovation management clearly benefits imagining, mobilizing, and competing in new ways.